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Abstract (English)

BidikMisi is a scholarship from the Government through the Directorate General of Higher
Education (Directorate General of Higher Education) are awarded to students from
families who are economically disadvantaged and achievement. The criteria-criteria for
consideration in admissions bidikmisi include parental income, age, land area, building
area, number of dependents of parents and the academic high school. Formulation of the
problem in the process of receiving this scholarship is to minimize the error in determining
the scholarship recipients and how the process of determining the scholarship recipients in
order not to take a long time? Bidikmisi acceptance of decision support
systems using a method that includes categories of Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decission
Making (FMADM) is metode Simple Additive weighting (SAW). This method was
chosen selecting prospective students are eligible to receive scholarships based on criteria has
selector. Study step was to determine the weights for each criterion and normalizing the and
then ranking process. The system was built to help the team work in making the
selection scholarship, can accelerate theprocess selection scholarship, can reduce the error in
determining the scholarship recipients, and tak eazy team selectors in determining
the scholarship recipients.


BidikMisi and Simple Additive weighting